Wrap Up Your Tools for Christmas

planting trees - gardening equipmentAs the New Year inches closer, we’re swept up in a season of preparation. Preparation for the holidays, preparation for full hearts, and those little preparation tasks that pile up around Christmas. But with such a long, warm autumn this year, many landscapers have put off yet another preparation: winterizing garden tools. Keep your equipment in peak condition for another year by following this guide on how to winterize landscaping equipment.

Winterize Landscaping Tools

  1. Clean. Why do we clean landscaping tools? Clean equipment lasts longer, stays sharper, and works better than landscaping equipment that’s left to rust. To clean landscaping tools, first disassemble any removable parts. Clean away soil and organic debris. Use paint thinner to remove sticky tree sap, or soak the tools in strong black tea to loosen rust. After thoroughly cleaning landscaping implements, rub them with a thin coat of oil to prevent rusting.
  2. Sharpen. The wear and tear of tilling, planting, and pruning trees and shrubs takes its toll. Sharpen shovels, mower blades, and other landscaping equipment before storing them for the season.
  3. Winterize motorized equipment. If your landscaping tools have moving parts, they’ll take extra care. Remove any gas left in the tank, examine the spark plugs, and refresh the oil. If you’re not an expert at winterizing landscaping equipment, take special machinery to a professional before putting them away for the year.
  4. Storage. If you won’t use a tool until spring, put it away. Store landscaping tools in a dry, covered space. Keep them off the floor to prevent rust. We recommend hanging tools from a nails or shelves in the shed.

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