Winter Lawn Care Checklist

Spring may seem like it’s still a long way away, but from a lawn care standpoint, it’s right around the corner. February is a great time to start preparing your yard – and maybe even taking a look at some of the new trends in landscaping. Check out the 3AM Growers Lawn Care Checklist to see if you’re on track for a healthy spring lawn!

    • Get it Tidy! First things first: is there junk on your lawn? Leaves, debris, pine straw, residual snow or ice – all these things will contribute to mold, mildew, and lawn disease if left for too long. Regular raking will clean all this up so your yard looks and feels healthier. It will also help to keep your grass from getting trampled.
    • Check Your Soil. Most lawns need to be fed in the early spring, so have your lawn checked for nutrients and pH balance. The earlier you know what the issues are, the better chance you have of correcting them before spring.
    • Stay Sharp. Did you know your lawn mower blades need to be sharpened every year? If it’s been a while, now is the time to get on that. While you’re at it, take a look at all your gardening tools and see if any need repair or replacement.
    • Fight the Weeds. Pre-emergent herbicides are obviously best applied before the weeds appear. If the weather is nice enough, a little old-fashioned weeding is also a great excuse to spend some time outside.

With a little work now, your lawn will give you plenty of enjoyment and pride in the spring and beyond. Contact 3AM Growers with questions!

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