Why You Shouldn’t Prune Trees During the Fall

Why You Shouldn’t Prune Trees During the Fall

pruneLeaves are changing color and falling to the ground. But, before you get your pruning shears out, it’s important to know tips and tricks to ensure that you’re not damaging your trees. The team at 3am Growers put together our best tips to help you know how to prune!

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Trees and plants bring so many benefits to your home and property. So, it’s your due diligence to make sure you prune them correctly. Check out a few tips concerning when and how to prune.

Wait Until the New Year

When you prune your trees, it triggers the growth factor in plants. However, with winter right around the corner, the cold temperatures will stunt the growth causing your plant to be severely weakened. It’s best to prune just before spring when trees are fully dormant.

Prune While Dry

Don’t prune right after rainfall. When you cut damp branches, you are actually contributing to the spread of diseases. Bacteria and mold grow and spread in wet places. So, when you cut a branch, you’re leaving a vulnerable opening to possible diseases.

Clean Your Tools

If you’ve pruned a tree that you know has a disease, make sure you clean your equipment. Hot soapy water will do the trick, but make sure to dry it completely before you continue to prune. If you don’t clean your tools, you could accidentally spread a disease to other trees.

Knowing how to prune is vital to grow healthy, strong trees. By waiting until springtime, pruning when it’s dry out, and cleaning your tools after cutting on a diseased tree, your trees will thank you!

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