What Gardeners Need to Know for Spring

Spring is here! This is a busy time for nurseries, because it’s a busy time for gardeners. While you’re marketing and selling products this season, make sure that your customers are aware of what exactly they should be doing to prepare their gardens and landscapes this spring.

  • Tools should be seen to. Does anything need to be sharpened, repaired, or even replaced? Remind customers that the last thing they want is to be stuck halfway through a project without working tools. If your nursery doesn’t sell tools, consider partnering with a local business that does–both businesses can benefit from referrals.
  • Soil should be tested and appropriately treated to correct any imbalances. Lawns should be mowed, trimmed, and watered, and emerging weeds should be seen to. This is a good time for your customers to see to any insect problems as well. Make sure your customers also know to look out for lawn fungus and diseases.
  • And finally, plants should be cared for. Obviously, this is the time to plant many types of flowers, trees, and shrubs like the ones we stock at 3am Growers. Gardeners should also be trimming, mulching, feeding, watering, pruning, and checking on the health of their existing plants. Prepare your staff to answer many questions about how to care for plants–and not only the ones you sell.

Educating your customers will not only increase your business in the short-term; it will help to increase their satisfaction and long-term loyalty. If customers know they can trust you to give them good information, they’re more likely to come back and to recommend you to their friends!

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