Watch Out for Tree Vandals This Halloween

With Halloween just ahead of us, tree damage from pranks and vandalism is a looming concern. While proper planting techniques and carefully tending saplings help newly planted trees thrive, preventative measures are sometimes necessary to developing a lush, richly foliate landscape. Whether you fear pulling toilet paper from twigs in your front yard or you’re worried about lumbering animals breaking bark, there are tangible ways to protect your trees this fall.

Superficial Pranks

toilet paper treeEvery year Mischief Night, the infamous vandalism evening that precedes Halloween, results in the defacement of hundreds of Alabama trees. While lasting damage often results from Mischief Night vandalism, the expected outcome is litter, litter, litter. Kids throw eggs, toilet paper, and colorful plastic at trees, draping the beautiful fall foliage with visual blights that take weeks to remove. There’s no failsafe method of protecting your property from defacement, but you can deter delinquents by illuminating your landscape at night and keeping an eye on your—and your neighbors’—property.

Bark Damage

Tree bark is a common target of vandals and easily damaged by large mammals snuffling through the nearby grass. Claws and knifes often gouge sensitive tissue just below the outer bark, opening the tree to bacteria and interfering with the movement of moisture and nutrients through the plant. Wrap the base of the tree in burlap to limit damage caused by wildlife and storms. Stake your tree and surround the trunk with cords to redirect animals and deter vandals. If the problem persists, wrap your tree in a wire cage to protect it during the dormant season. Remove all fabric and wires from the tree in early spring, or the protective coverings will stunt new growth.

For more information on protecting your tree or caring for injured trees, call 3am Growers in Tallahassee, Alabama.

photo from flickr

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