Tips for Planting Healthy Trees

If you’re new to landscaping, it can take awhile to learn how to establish healthy trees. 3am Growers sells healthy, sturdy trees and shrubs, but a handful of missteps during the planting process could cause lasting damage to these Alabama beauties. Whether you’re in the city or the country, planting in-season or out, our horticulture experts have the know-how to help you plant healthy trees every time.

How to Plant Healthy Trees

  • Do your homework to find the perfect location. Pay attention to how the sun hits your property, how changing seasons may change shadows, and how far away from structures and power lines you’re planning to plant. Then check the soil, remove organic debris, and call the city about buried pipes before planting.
  • Think it through. Why are you planting trees and shrubs? To create a privacy screen? To provide shade, block the wind, and regulate home temperatures? Do a little extra research or ask the experts to find the ideal trees for your purpose.
  • dig sign in fresh dirtDig, dig, dig. Mark an area at least 3 times the width of the root ball and excavate the site. In clay soil, you should dig 2-3 inches shallower than the root ball. In loamy soil, dig a depth equal to the height of the root ball. Leave the bottom of the hole firm. Add a 25% soil amendment to the excavated dirt and mix together to create a nourishing backfill.
  • Remove any binders (wire, burlap, etc) around the rootball, taking care to leave the ball intact. Cover the ball with backfill until most of the hole is filled. Leave the soil moderately loose.
  • Water newly planted trees frequently to ensure quick establishment. Water deeply, adding more backfill as the soil settles. Shallow watering encourages shallow root development.

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Digging Image from Flickr