Tips for Pairings Plants in Your Yard

landscaped yardWhether you’re a bona fide green-thumbed gardener or just planting your first leafy friend, you probably know some plants go better together than others. But even the pros can get mixed up from time to time.

At 3am Growers, we want to make sure your landscaping looks top notch. We have some tips for picking out plants that could go great in your yard. Check it out and then get out and plant something!

Flowers, Bushes and Trees

We’re lucky to have wide array of plant species that thrive here in Tallassee, Alabama. So, finding a good mixture of trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers for your yard shouldn’t be too difficult. Flowers such as Hydrangeas like a nice warm morning light with shade in the afternoon. Think about planting a holly bush next to it to provide some contrasting color and late-day cover.

Cedar trees are fast growing trees that don’t lose their leaves and provide lots of shade. Try adding a flower bed around the bottom of a cedar tree with flowers that like shade.

Seasons Turn, So Should Your Garden

When you’re planning out what to plant, remember to think about all the growing seasons. You can easily maintain a beautiful landscape at least nine months out of the year by planting smart. At 3am Growers, we have a great selection of plants that will thrive in spring, summer and fall. Your best bet is to give us a call or visit our plant nursery to find out what plants match your needs specifically. We’re always happy to help!

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