The Secrets to Healthy Trees

There’s no question that trees need frequent watering, fertilizing, and protection from the elements as they establish in your yard. Newly planted trees are still tender; they require a gardener’s touch to expand their root systems and flourish. But how does a landscaper tend firmly rooted trees?

  1. growing mature, healthy treesRemember God is in control. He designed plants to nourish us, but He also designed them to add beauty and purpose to His creation. If you have a decades-old beauty decorating your yard, take a step back. If it’s not in danger of falling onto the house or knocking into power lines, it’s best to let the tree grow on its own.
  2. Tread carefully. A misplaced footstep won’t do much damage, but careless construction, digging to plant new trees, and parking heavy machinery (like a car or riding lawn mower) above a tree’s root system may injure a mature tree. Stay at least 10 feet away from a tree’s canopy when handling heavy equipment, digging new flowerbeds, or laying a concrete driveway. Likewise, handle your weed whacker and your pruning shears carefully, or risk wounding the soft wood of a tree’s trunk.
  3. Strike a balance. While occasional landscape maintenance benefits your Alabama trees, too much lawn care is counterproductive. Mulch around the base of your trees to keep the roots hydrated, deter weeds, and protect your tree from the hazards of your yard. Minimize watering and fertilization of trees older than 5 years. Mature trees can fend for themselves; adding too much water or fertilization might encourage disease or stagnate growth.

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