The Beauty of Winter Trees

The gifts are unwrapped, the tree has hit the curb, and the Christmas and New Year desserts are settling into their role as “gym motivators.” After a month and more of evergreens, multihued lights, and prettily packaged presents, we’re settling into boring old January. But facing the New Year doesn’t have to mean relinquishing the festive aesthetics of your landscape. When the Christmas lights lay in a neat coil and the Santa statues go back in storage, it’s time to make winter work for your trees.

The Beauty of Winter Trees

tree shapeEach fall we feel a sense of loss when the bright reds, yellows, and rusts of our favorite fall foliage turns brown and mats our yards. The vibrant beauty of autumn in the South makes our tepid Alabama winters seem dreary and bleak. But whether you’re longing for mountains covered in snow or simply missing the cheer of the holidays, your winter trees have plenty of aesthetic appeal. Once the dying leaves fall, you’re left with something unique: an unimpeded view of your tree. The sturdy trunk, elegant limbs, and unique twists of each branch create a whole new aesthetic. And with care and ingenuity, your rows of crepe myrtles can add a breath of fresh air to your winter landscape.

Winter Landscaping Aesthetics

Winter affords a unique opportunity to experiment with inorganic beauty in the garden. Hang classic paper lanterns from your trees’ boughs, decorate the trunks with tasteful ornaments, or wrap dark barked trees in crisp, white lights for an aesthetic that’s both classic and artistic. If you prefer to let nature speak for itself, cover the roots of your trees in heavy, rich mulch. The mulch will provide insulation and nutrients for your tree while it creates a clean, classic landscaping look.

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