That Old Southern Charm

It can be challenging to create the perfect landscape for residential areas in Alabama. Landscapers must choose plants not only for their aesthetics, but also for their hardiness and adaptability. Luckily for Tallassee contractors, there are a few trees that create that instant Southern atmosphere, whether they’re planted one by one in homeowners’ yards or with rows of other trees in a neighborhood’s public areas. Make the most of residential planting with these classic Southern ornamentals.

Ornamental Trees for Residential Planting

  • Magnolia: They don’t call Southern women “Steel Magnolias” for nothing. Magnolia trees are well known for their large blooms, vivid green foliage, and tenacity (they’re nearly impossible to move once mature). For best effect, plant magnolia trees in rich, well-drained soil, leaving plenty of room for the roots to flourish.
  • cherry tree - blooming ornamentalCherry: These days, the beauty of spring cherry blossoms have nearly outshone the tender fruit produced by this ever-giving tree. Historically the Japanese gave cherry trees as a show of friendship. That’s a tradition Southerners have no problem digging into.
  • Crepe Myrtle: Arguably the most quintessentially Southern ornamental tree, Crepe Myrtles showcase beautiful pink, white, or purple blooms throughout the summer. But watch out when pruning season arrives: amateur gardeners are notorious for chopping off Crepe Myrtle boughs that they really should leave alone.
  • River Birch: The River Birch is a picture of Southern grace, from its rich fall color to its elegant silvery bark. Plant birch trees to add simple beauty to the landscape in any season.

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