Take Landscaping Back to Nature

Despite the harsh weather patterns, natural inhibitors, and chemical contaminations in the world, plants are remarkably resilient. God designed nature to flourish against a barrage of circumstances, from sudden summer downpours to unnecessary human intervention. Organic gardeners aren’t just cleaning up the earth, they’re also relying on the natural resilience of nature to create thriving landscapes. If you’re interested in eliminating chemicals from your landscaping practices, here are 3 easy ways to start organic gardening.

How to Start Organic Landscaping

  1. gardener picking fruit from treeDitch the chemicals. Many landscapers have a zero tolerance policy for pests, but weed- and insect-killing garden chemicals leave a wide swath of destruction. Most herbicides and pesticides are toxic to pets. They also resist breaking down, so they runoff into storm drains, where they contaminate the water supply. If you’re ready to start gardening organically, it’s time to rely on God-given pest control methods: organic sprays, pest-deterring shrubs and cover crops, and paying close attention to timing in the garden.
  2. Choose healthy plants. The simplest way to start a thriving organic garden is to choose healthy trees and shrubs that won’t need coaxing to flourish. Pay close attention to hardiness zones, watering needs, and the necessary sunlight for each variety to establish quickly in your landscape.
  3. Composting 101. Not only does composting naturally enrich the soil, it also conserves kitchen waste. Brush up on how to compost in a organic garden, then reap the rewards of a natural, nutrient-rich fertilizer for your trees and shrubs.

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