How to Deal with Surface Tree Roots

We love to have trees in our yards for their beauty, the shade they provide, and their benefits to the environment, but it’s not all fun and games. Trees need a lot of space, and they aren’t shy about taking it up. What do you do when the roots of a beloved tree have crept up into the surface of your lawn, sidewalk, or even driveway?

Tree roots break the surface for many reasons. Often the soil in urban or suburban areas is not conducive to deep growth of tree roots. In order to better access oxygen and moisture, most tree roots grow within the first foot of soil. It only takes a little bit of growth or erosion for roots to break the surface. tree roots

Now, how to deal with this problem. First of all, don’t cut surface tree roots! It may be tempting, but doing this will damage your tree and can lead to disease, pest infestations, or even the death of your tree. When you want to cover surface roots, your best bet is simple: use mulch to level the surface, and then plant a filler grass.

Ultimately, though, bear in mind that any solution short of removing the tree entirely is only temporary. If your tree is posing danger to your home or other structures and you find you need to replace it, 3AM Growers can help you select a new one and find the best location for it in your outdoor space.

At 3AM Growers in Tallassee, AL, we can help with your tree questions. Contact us today and let’s see what we can do!

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