Spring Tree Planting

planting shrubsWinter hit us hard this winter, but the warmth of spring is on the horizon. As February becomes March, landscapers are digging into spring plantingPlanting in the spring allows the tree to establish its roots and thrive before the harsh heat of Alabama summers. Planting new trees in the dormant season (late winter to early spring) lessens transplanting shock, allowing them to assimilate into the landscape as they begin spring growth. Do not plant new trees in late spring, when they don’t have time to establish a healthy root system before the intense sun of summer. Always ensure newly planted trees get sufficient water, especially during winter, when drought is less noticeable.

Which Trees to Plant in Spring

Ornamental trees flourish when planted in early spring. Plant your crape myrtles, river birch, cherry, and magnolia trees after the final frost but well before the heat of summer. Ornamental trees thrive in residential areas, adding aesthetic and ecological benefits to homes and communities. Plant deciduous trees when their branches are bare, signaling their dormancy. Evergreens follow a less rigid schedule, but you should avoid planting conifers, hollies, and other evergreens in the high heat of summer.

Planning Ahead

Ensuring the healthy establishment of your new trees hinges on foresight. Before you place an order with your local nursery, assess the layout of your yard. Plan your planting aesthetically and double check practical considerations like sunlight, water, and soil. Before you dig your first hole, consider:

  • What type of soil you have
  • How well your soil drains
  • How much rainfall you accumulate each year
  • What areas of your landscape are sunny and which are shaded
  • How shade from your new tree will affect shrubs and flowers
  • What manmade barriers you need to avoid (power lines, drainage pipes, etc)
  • What aesthetic style you prefer and how to achieve it through the placement of trees and shrubs

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