Spring Highlight: Cleopatra Camellia Shrubs

Spring is finally here to stay, and that means it’s time to highlight some of the best plants for the season. Let’s talk about one of our favorites here at 3am Growers: the Cleopatra Camellia shrub!

Like its name would suggest, the Cleopatra Camellia is absolutely lovely. Its flowers are showy and abundant, with a rich rosy-pink color, and its foliage is rich, glossy, and evergreen. Your customers will be delighted by the combination of colors and will love how low-maintenance these shrubs are. These shrubs are not as popular as other types of camellias, which makes them a unique, fresh addition to any garden.

Cleopatra Camellia shrubs don’t need much to thrive. Give them acidic, moist soil with good drainage, shade or partial shade, and some shelter from urban pollution for best results. These showy shrubs don’t require a lot of pruning, though they will need thick mulching around the roots in the summer and the winter, especially when first planted. They are excellent for planting under power lines because they only grow to about six feet high. Because they thrive in shade and tend to be more compact than other camellias, they can even be potted and planted inside!

All of our shrubs are great for the environment as well as for landscaping aesthetics, and Cleopatra Camellia are a truly splendid specimen. Your customers will love this low-maintenance addition to their spring landscaping. Contact 3am Growers today to order for your nursery, or to answer any questions you might have about selling these pretty shrubs!

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