Spotting Summer Tree Diseases

TreesWhat’s better than sitting in the shade of that big old oak tree in your yard sipping some lemonade and taking in the gorgeous green landscape of Alabama in the summer? We can’t think of much that could top that and at 3am Growers, we want to ensure your trees stay healthy so you can keep enjoying those special moments.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few tree diseases that can affect your landscaping. But most diseases can be treated if caught early. Using our list to identify problems with your trees can save your favorite shade tree and your summer relaxation!

Cankers– There are a lot of different canker diseases that will attack trees. Cankers are caused by a fungus that invades trees with wounded bark. Cankers look like a blister or a burl section on the tree. If a canker is spotted on a limb, the limb should be cut off. More advanced cankers will require a professional tree service.

Molds– Again, there are a lot of different types of molds that can distress and even kill your trees. From sooty mold which looks like chimney soot, to powdery mildew which has a white, powdery appearance, the best way to treat mold is to call in the pros.

Bacterial Wetwood– this infection is also known as slime flux and looks like a wet, weeping section on a tree’s trunk or limbs. It usually appears near a crotch section or near old pruning scars. Unfortunately, there are no proven methods to cure a tree with wetwood. The best action is to make sure your tree’s overall health is as good as it can be so it is better able to fight off the infection naturally.

For more information about spotting tree diseases or to have your trees inspected, give our tree service experts a call at 3am Growers in Tallassee, AL.

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