So Long, Big Lawn

Everywhere you look, landscapes are green and sprawling. Homeowners, businesses, and landscapers work hard to keep their grass green as we approach the heat of another Alabama summer. It’s easy to get pulled in by the crisp color and clean, even mower lines of a spring lawn. But smart landscapers know the value of a balanced property. Here are 3 reasons to shrink your lawn this summer.

Cut the Grass (Permanently)

grass lawnWhether you own a lush commercial property or a tasteful front lawn, it’s easy to see a vital lawn as a mark of health, wealth, and happiness. A flourishing landscape welcomes people into your home and your business, and a healthy stretch of grass is an easy way to achieve that look. But it’s not necessarily the best way. Why not?

  1. Grass guzzles. While all plants need water to thrive in summer, grass needs significantly more than, say, an established oak tree. Larger plants like trees and shrubs survive the summer months more easily than a wide, unbroken stretch of bermuda grass.
  2. Grass doesn’t give back. Yes, grass can help muffle noise pollution and reduce soil erosion, but anything grass can do, trees can do better. Trees filter toxins out of the air, provide privacy screening as well as reducing noise pollution, and can decrease monthly energy bills by shading buildings from the hot summer sun.
  3. Grass gets boring. There’s nothing wrong with a having healthy lawn, but when grass takes up 90% of your property, it’s time to step back and reassess. Don’t simply line an endless sea of green with Japanese Anise by the mailbox. Cultivate a thriving landscape where trees and shrubs become a focal point.

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