Snow Heads South

There’s nothing like a natural disaster to bring people together. The winter storm that swept through Georgia, Alabama, and countless other Southern states crippled businesses, schools, and homeowners. Motorists were stranded in their vehicles overnight, city commuters were unable to get home for days, and offices closed their doors and boarded up their windows. But as they say, when one door closes another one opens.

Coming Together

Atlanta may be getting all the press, but Alabama residents were right beside them in proving the hospitality and selflessness of the South. Wrecks, stalls, and stranded motorists were met with volunteer assistance and free hot food. Businesses like Home Depot opened their doors to house Alabamans who couldn’t make it home. Chic-fil-a handed out fresh meals to people stuck in Birmingham traffic. And nearby homeowners opened their doors (and guest beds) to strangers as outdoorsmen and landscapers towed cars up hills and across slick roads.

Snowstorm Aftermath

tropical trees snowAs life in the Deep South slowly returns to normal, we’re left praising God for the friends, neighbors, and helpful strangers who stood beside us during the hazardous storm. Folks with landscaping trucks and 4-Wheel drive are still giving their time and driving know-how to help Tallassee residents rescue abandoned cars. Others are helping their neighbors winterize houses, haul broken tree limbs from driveways, and protect trees from further winter damage. Whether it’s digging a neighbor’s car out of the snow, sharing hot chocolate with strangers, or throwing burlap tarps over frozen shrubs, give back to those in need this winter.

Here at 3am Growers, we’re proud to live in the great state of Alabama. Celebrate the South by sharing your most heartwarming winter tales with us. For information on winter tree care, call our Tallassee office.

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