Shade Trees 101

There’s nothing quite like sitting outside under the cool shade of a tree. Shade trees lend elegance, beauty, and utility to your outdoor space, as well as providing environmental benefits. But how do you select the best kind of shade tree for your yard? The most popular shade trees are oaks, maples, and elms. Here’s some information to help you decide which is best for your needs!

Oak trees are very large–they needs lot of space! They are perhaps best known for this, as well as their beautiful color, especially in the fall. Hardy and long-lived, oaks can live for over 200 years and spread quite a bit, so before planting make sure you take into account how much space they will need in the future, both horizontally and vertically.  oak tree

Maples trees are very versatile, but are probably best-known for their sap, which becomes the maple syrup we all know and love. They also make great shade trees, and have truly stunning fall colors. Make sure you keep an eye out for pests, who love the sweet sap as much as humans, and water these trees carefully.

Elm trees have only recently come back from a devastating epidemic of Dutch Elm Disease, which wiped them out in many parts of the country. They are hardy trees despite this, and many varieties have since been cultivated to be resistant to Dutch Elm. These trees aren’t picky–they thrive in all kinds of soil, under many different conditions, grow quickly, and live for centuries!

At 3AM Growers in Tallassee, AL, we take pride in our knowledge of shade trees. Give us a call and let our on-staff Architects help you select the right trees for your needs!