Settling Turf Disputes

When you think of developing a landscape for your home or business, chances are you’re thinking big. Well-developed landscapes include a variety of garden elements. Inviting Alabama yards have a combination of sturdy trees, full shrubs, bright flowers, and lush grass. What many people don’t realize is that these plants compete with each other for food, sunlight, and hydration. Cultivate a diverse landscape by understanding how trees, grass, and flowers can coexist.

Benefits of Varying Plants in the Landscape

Developing the landscape of your home and business has myriad benefits. A healthy, colorful landscape increases curb appeal, enticing visitors to your doorstep and potentially increasing your property value. Grass, shrubs, and trees benefit the environment as well, filtering toxins from the air, limiting soil erosion and water runoff, and decreasing energy bills by regulating ground temperature and providing shade. Experts agree that planting trees and shrubs improves people’s moods, relationships, and overall life satisfaction. God created the natural world to improve each aspect of our lives.

Trees, Shrubs, and Grass

tree alone in landscapeMany plants have trouble coexisting in smaller home landscapes. Mid-sized plants compete for nutrients in the soil, while many Southern grasses wither under the shade of too many trees. The solution isn’t to plant fewer varieties, but to manage the garden more efficiently. Keep the roots of your trees, grass, and other plants growing strong with these landscaping tips:

  • Choose your plants wisely. Don’t pick a plant just because it’s attractive; research plant hardiness zones, how much water each variety needs to survive, and how much shade your flowers and turfgrass can withstand.
  • Get creative. Do you want a yard where bushy trees and lush turfgrass stretch end to end? Plant grass with an expansive root system and choose trees with deep-growing roots. This keeps the plants from direct competition for nutrients in the soil.
  • Make use of mulch. Mulch isn’t just an organic tool for protecting plant roots, conserving water, and redirecting nutrients; it’s also aesthetically appealing. Instead of fighting to make grass grow under the canopy of a mature tree, clear a circle around the base of the trunk and cover it with mulch. You can enjoy healthy trees and grass without sacrificing the beauty of your landscape.

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