Save Your Trees from the Summer Heat

It’s no surprise that it gets hot in the Alabama summer–at 3am Growers we’re already sweating! Your customers aren’t the only ones suffering, though! Trees also need protection from the soaring temperatures and scorching sun in these months. Customer education will go a long way towards creating and retaining a loyal customer base, so make sure you’re keeping yours up to date on how to care for their trees in the summer.

Moisture is one of the first things to go in the heat. Watering should be done during the early morning and late afternoon when temperatures are cooler and water is less likely to evaporate before it does any good. This will also help to conserve water, especially in drought situations. Make sure customers adjust their automatic sprinklers if applicable. Adjust watering schedules based on the weather–if it’s raining a lot, water less.

Proper mulching helps protect surface roots from sun damage and helps to keep moisture in the soil long enough to get used by trees, rather than sucked back up into the atmosphere. And remember not to encourage trimming, especially in a drought situation. Trimming encourages new growth, and that requires a lot more water.

With proper care and management, trees provide shade that helps keep cooling costs down in homes and businesses. They also provide much-needed sources of food and shelter for beneficial insects and animals, and they look so lovely! Help your customers take care of their trees during the hot summer months and everyone will benefit.

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