Reds, Yellows, and Oranges: Top Trees For Best Fall Color

Reds, Yellows, and Oranges: Top Trees For Best Fall Color

Close-up of red maple leaves on a branch

Looking to stock some beautiful trees for your Alabama nursery or landscape company? Then consider these 3 colorful Alabama fall trees:

  • Gingkos – The gorgeous gingko tree originates from China and sports unique fan-shaped leaves. These ancient trees are the sole survivors of tree varieties that grew over 200 million years ago! Their one-of-a-kind leaves turn a beautiful yellow during the fall.
  • Yellow Poplar – These are among the first trees to turn colors in the autumn, so they’re great to add a little color early in the season. As the name implies, their leaves turn a beautiful yellow color.
  • Maples – Truth be told, we could have filled this entire list with maples. Red Maples are the most popular choice in Alabama and also make wonderful shade trees. Japanese Maples are a smaller variety and produce red, purple, and bronze leaves in the fall and green and red leaves in the summer. When properly cared for, Sugar Maple leaves turn a stunning yellow or orange in the Fall. Silver Maples are another excellent choice for yellow fall leaves. Finally, consider Paperbark Maples to add bright red to an autumn yard.
  • Dogwoods – Another wonderful option is the Dogwood. Dogwoods are known for their amazing spring flowers, but this tree is equally beautiful during fall months when it sports a deep, rich red foliage.
  • Hickory – This long-lived deciduous tree is an excellent choice for open areas or very large landscapes. Tall and handsome, Hickories turn an outstanding deep yellow in the fall.

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