Protecting Trees from Summer Storms

If there’s one thing we know about summer in the South, it’s that nothing comes by half measures. Heat is only broken up by torrential storms that have some folks heading for the hills (and others sipping tea on their screened in porch). Are your trees safe from summer storms? They can be with a little preventative care.

Preventative Pruning of Trees

summer lightning stormMaintaining healthy trees is the easiest way to prevent costly storm damage. Regular pruning reduces wind resistance and keeps the canopy from becoming too heavy. By shearing away dead wood or weak limbs, landscapers can prevent branches from ripping away from trees during heavy storms. Determine whether a branch should be removed by examining its width and the strength of its attachment to the trunk.

Protecting the Roots

If a storm undermines the integrity of the roots, it undermines the strength of the entire tree. Make sure your tree’s roots are anchored deeply in the soil. Mulch around the base of the tree to prevent damage from mowing or weed whacking too close to the tree’s roots.

Inspect Trees for Damage

Damaged trees are just waiting to cause trouble. If your tree has cavities, broken branches, or other weak spots, it could cause serious damage down the line. Inspect your trees regularly to make sure the wood is healthy and unbroken. If you find tree damage, determine if pruning the weak area will correct the problem, or if a more serious solution is necessary.

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