Protect Your Dogwoods from Disease

Have you noticed red spots appearing on your Dogwoods? Spot Anthracnose causes red blemishes on the petals and leaves of dogwood trees. Historically a disease specific to trees in the northeast and midwest, it has migrated south over recent years. Learn how to protect your dogwoods from disease this spring and encourage healthy growth in years to come.

Causes of Spot Anthracnose

anthracnose on dogwood leaves

Spot Anthracnose is a dogwood disease that appears after the first bloom of spring, but it germinates in plants during budding. Red spots appear on the leaves and petals of dogwood trees, eventually causing the leaves to drop. Spot Anthracnose typically develops in early-blooming dogwoods planted in partial to full sun. Wet conditions exacerbate the problem, making it easier for spores to transfer to new hosts. Although this disease does not cause significant damage, it mars the beauty of spring and summer dogwoods. Landscapers, homeowners, and businessowners can treat spot anthracnose in dogwoods to encourage healthy growth.

How to Treat Spot Anthracnose

Landscapers can prevent Spot Anthracnose by planting young dogwoods in partial to full shade. If this disease has already manifested in the foliage of your trees, restore the health of your tree with these tips:

  • Apply fungicides to kill the disease (especially effective in young, newly transplanted dogwood trees)
  • Remove fallen leaves from around the plant
  • Transplant early-season dogwoods to more shaded areas
  • Plant resistant cultivars

To learn more about planting and maintaining healthy trees, contact 3am Growers in Tallassee.

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