Prepare Alabama Landscapes for Spring Planting

green trees and shrubsWith the warmer spring weather approaching now is a good time to perform some minor spring maintenance tasks that will keep your landscape both healthy and lush. When you properly care for your established plants and the ground where you will be planting this spring, you are ensuring that you will have a successful season. Gardening encompasses far more than just tending to your soil and seedlings. Taking the time to tend to the earth and the landscape with these tips from 3AM Growers will make your spring planting easier and more enjoyable.

Clear Drainage Areas

Through the long winter there is a lot of debris and garbage that can collect in your drainage areas. Be sure to clear out these areas as seeds grow best in an area with proper drainage. Early spring is the best time to do this before the lush growth of the season begins.

Make Repairs

If you have raised beds that have become damaged over the winter take time in the spring to fix these spots so they are secure and the walls are sturdy. It is easier to make repairs now when your plants are not yet established in this area and you don’t have to worry about root systems.


It is important to go through all of your planting areas and remove weeds and also dead plants from the previous year. You want to have clear and clean soil to plant in when the time comes and you don’t want to be behind on your planting because you have yet to clear the spots for the seedlings.

Now, your landscape and flower beds are prepared to be planted a bit later in the spring after the last frost has passed. 3AM Growers provides premier plant material for the Southeastern US. Call us to order today!

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