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Landscaper’s Tip

Market Significant Landscape Improvements to
Increase Client’s Property Value and Resale Odds

Texas Study Shows Landscape Improvements Net Return on Investment of 35%

“Landscaping can make a significant difference in the appearance of a home or office and the money spent can actually be one of the best investments you can make this year.”
– Guy Hood, Architect and Owner/Operator, 3am Growers

Superior Landscaping Makes Property Stand Out in Depressed Market

In a crowded and depressed real-estate market, developers, property managers and homeowners may be best served to focus on superior initial landscape design and installation, landscape renovations and horticultural improvements. This serves to increase the value of their homes, condos or office buildings. This effort also helpstheir property stand out to prospective buyers and renters, according to the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC).

3am Growers has found this to be the case in other parts of the country as well; following such companies as Post Properties of Georgia. Post was a pioneer in developing high-end apartments, townhomes and condominiums in a growing Southeast market during the late ‘80s. With essentially the same interior building layout and construction as their competitors, Post Properties was able to realize a much higher pricing structure and occupancy rate with only a small percentage increase in their overall investment. Even to the untrained eye, significant planting and quality landscape design and installation, increases the perceived value of a place, resulting in an increased real value when it comes to writing that check!

The Journal of Environmental Horticulture, recently evaluated 75 Lubbock, TX homes and concluded that every dollar invested in landscaping returns $1.35 – or a 35 percent return on investment. The same study found that having high-quality landscape compared to an average home increases the sales price of the home by 5.7 percent. This number jumped to a 10.8 percent increase in the value of a home when comparing an excellent quality landscape to an average landscape.

Curb Appeal Critical to Getting House Sold

Landscaping to increase a home’s value is not the only incentive for homeowners invest significantly in landscaping their yards. According to the Colorado Association of REALTORS®, curb appeal – how your house looks to people driving by or walking up to the front door – can be critical to getting your house sold

The importance of a home’s curb appeal is shared by individual realtors as well. “In my 20-plus years in the Colorado real estate market, I’ve seen that a good first impression can encourage a potential buyer to take a closer look and be more willing to overlook other negatives a property may have,” said Kathy Nelson, a broker associate with Coldwell Banker. “Conversely, a bad first impression may be impossible to overcome no matter how attractive the inside of the house may be,” she added.

3am Growers Ready to Serve Landscape Trade

So whether you are marketing your landscape services to an apartment developer, spec home builder, or residential client looking to renovate an existing landscape 3am Growers can now utilize this information to increase YOUR sales and success in the future!

3am Growers is constantly seeking new and better ways to serve its Customers and other Professionals in the Landscape Trade. We trust you will find the following, and future, information helpful in increasing your marketing savvy and landscaping sales.

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