Planting Trees and Shrubs: A Guide

Now that February is here, it’s time to get busy planting! This is a great time to plant almost everything, so at 3AM Growers we’ve put together a guide to planting trees and shrubs.

A Guide to Planting Trees and Shrubsblossoming tree against blue sky

First of all, make sure you select the right tree for your lawn. This decision is crucial, so don’t neglect proper research! You’ll want to take soil conditions, space, climate, and underground conditions into consideration. A tree or shrub with a wide root system shouldn’t be planted near your septic system, for instance, unless you want to deal with costly and time-consuming repairs down the line. Similarly, tall trees shouldn’t be planted under the electrical wires. The experts at 3AM Growers can help you pick the tree or trees that will best suit your needs.

Once you’ve planted your tree or shrub, your job isn’t quite done. New plantings need extra care, especially watering. Drought shock is common in new trees, even in precipitation-heavy climates. That being said, overwatering is also a problem. If in doubt, dig down to the roots with a trowel and see if the soil is damp before watering. You’ll also need to protect new plantings from deer, weeds, and even grass. It’s best to keep a few feet of vegetation-free space around new trees so that established plants don’t steal all the water and nutrients.

Speaking of research, remember that all types of plants and shrubs are slightly different and will need their own specialized care. When in doubt, contact 3AM Growers and benefit from our experience and know-how!

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