The 3am inventory of shrubs includes eight varieties:

  1. Illicium anisatum
  2. Buxus(sp) microphylla
  3. Camellia Sasanqua
  4. Ligustrum japonicum
  5. Loropetalum chinense
  6. Myrica cerifera
  7. Viburnum japonica
  8. Viburnum plicatum

Summertime in the Southeast U.S. offers gardeners a lengthy growing season that includes warm, muggy summer nights and mild winters — a climate cycle that is perfect for many selections of decorative shrubbery.

Shrubs are Good for the Environment

Shrubs are vital in combating environmental pollution. They are the third tier in helping keep the air supply fresh by trapping and filtering dust, removing carbon dioxide, and at the same time releasing oxygen into the air. Shrubs reduce noise pollution by acting as barriers to sound and are able to reduce soil erosion when planted in mass. Shrubs can provide screening to block views of mechanical equipment, ball fields and service areas and can be used to reduce scale and create intimacy in more private areas of the landscape.

3am Growers has selected a dozen or so shrubs to complement our line of premium Hollies and Ornamental Trees. These varieties are the ‘tried and true’ of the classic Southern Landscape and thrive in a Field Grown environment. Though it’s a favorite in the southern garden, azaleas do not fare well through digging and shipping and we have chosen, for the time being anyway, not to include them in our Field Grown Shrub selections.

Shrubs are as varied and colorful as the people who grow them and have nearly as many uses as there are varieties. Creating outdoor spaces is one of the favorite shrubbery applications of Landscape Architects and Designers. 3am Growers is well known for ‘Serious Shrubbery’ and, as a result, has become a premier southern source when seeking to construct these outdoor rooms. Our in-house Architects have the ability to embrace the intent of your professional design or assist if you have none.

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