Ornamental Tree selection is mainly a question of personal preference. We measure our selections by either height or caliper and even categorize some trees as Ornamental that others consider as Shade. Never the less, when making your decision, the selected species should be well adapted to the site and satisfy the purpose for which it is intended.

In the South, the number and variety of trees are so great that the choice is not always simple. Some of the most widely used selections are Magnolia, River Birch, Cherry and Crape Myrtle. Size, Texture, Shape, Flowers and Color are all important factors when choosing the trees we categorize as Ornamental. The Ornamental Trees we produce at 3am Growers are some of the best choices for residential landscaping, as they are the most hardy and proven suitable for planting in a wide range of environments.

Ornamental Trees are an indispensable part of the landscape. They give a home, street, or commercial site individuality; in scale, beauty, and tranquility. During their extended lifespan, trees give our surroundings a sense of permanence and stability. Furthermore, Ornamental Trees enrich our gardens, streets, and parks and delight our senses with interesting shapes, patterns, colors, scents, and seasonal changes.

Ornamental Trees too are vital in combating environmental pollution. They are the second tier in helping keep the air supply fresh by trapping and filtering dust, removing carbon dioxide, and at the same time releasing oxygen. Ornamental Trees reduce noise pollution by acting as barriers to sound, lower temperatures by shading and through evaporation of water from their leaves, and reduce soil erosion.

Ornamental Trees can provide optimum ‘eye level’ screening to block views of harsh scenery such as city dumps, interstate highways and industrial sites. Every development, whether residential, commercial, recreational or industrial, should include appropriate amounts of ornamental trees.

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