Oak Trees for a Colorful Autumn

Summer is coming to a close, which means beautiful fall leaves are just around the corner. Oak trees will give you astonishing color changes in the fall, as well as shade year-round. Let’s take a look at some of the types of shady oak trees available at 3AM Growers!

  • Bur Oaks are the tallest trees on our list, reaching anywhere from 70-80 feet tall at maturity. They grow slowly, less than 12 inches per year. They don’t have foliage as dramatic as some of the other trees on our list, but they do provide acorns that are a favorite of wood ducks, rabbits, and wild turkeys.
  • Shumard Oaks turn very dramatic in the fall! Their leaves will change to brilliant red or red-orange. Their canopy also provide excellent shade. They will reach about 40-60 feet in both height and spread, and grow anywhere from 13-24” per year.
  • Southern Live Oaks are iconic to the Southeast, and the state tree of Georgia. You’ve probably seen them draped with Spanish moss. These distinctive, beautiful trees grow in a rounded shape, reaching a height of about 40-80 feet and a spread of anywhere from 60-100 feet. They grow anywhere from 13-24” per year, more quickly when young. These trees are almost evergreen, replacing their leaves year-round. oak tree
  • White Oaks have been called the king of all oak trees. In the fall, their leaves will turn showy shades of red or burgundy, and they will feed a wide variety of wildlife year-round, including many species of birds. They grow about 50-80 feet tall and have a spread of the same range. White oak wood was used in ships as recently as World War II, and is still a favored wood for casks at wineries and distilleries.
  • Nuttall Oaks are less well known, but are gaining in popularity. In the fall, their leaves turn bright red and orange, and hang on until later in the season before falling. They grow to about 40-60 feet tall, with plenty of head space beneath them.

3AM Growers in Tallassee, AL has a huge variety of oaks available, as well as the knowledge and skill necessary to help you select the right ones for your yard. Contact us today to get started picking yours!