New Landscaping Trends for the New Year

New Landscaping Trends for the New Year

Small, private yard with dense plants The new year is here, and now is the time to get ready for the newest 2019 landscaping trends!

    • Low Maintenance Landscaping – For many, keeping things low maintenance is key. As such, perennials are currently gaining popularity. Likewise, plants without ecological benefit or a clear purpose are declining in popularity. Simply put, some people are less interested in an abundance of trees that require heavy raking in the fall. Instead, these homeowners tend to prefer groups of plants with similar watering requirements and care needs. Evergreens are also popular among this demographic for obvious reasons. These clients also tend to prefer high quality materials in their hardscaping that will hold up longer.
    • Water Features – Small pools, waterfalls, and fountains are among the biggest trends right now. When planning landscaping with such a water feature in mind, lean towards plants and placements that won’t fill the feature with dead leaves in the fall.
    • Relaxation and Privacy – Incorporating small sitting areas or small private structures is currently a very popular choice. Arbors and pergolas are also making a comeback for the same reason. Create a secluded retreat using lush, full plants as area dividers or tall narrow plants as a green privacy fence. For a tranquil feel, be sure to not over pack an area with color. Instead, consider a more muted color palette. Very small water features are also frequently requested for private relaxation areas.

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