National Garden for Wildlife Month

Do you spend so much time preventing deer from ruining your trees that you make the landscape a dangerous place for all wildlife? While we all know the frustration of animals munching on our favorite flora, it’s also important to make your property friendly for pollinators and other wildlife. May is Garden for Wildlife Month. What are you doing to create a safe habitat for birds, bees, and animals that love trees?

Gardening for Wildlife

male robinMaking your landscape wildlife-friendly doesn’t mean opening a free-for-all buffet for rabbits, deer, and nighttime nibblers. It means protecting the land, protecting God’s creatures, and encouraging the growth of native plants. Here are a few things you can do to create a wildlife-friendly landscape.

  • Create habitats for wildlife
  • Supply clean water sources
  • Supply food for birds and other pollinators
  • Plant native trees and shrubs that attract the kinds of wildlife you want in the landscape
  • Plant trees and shrubs that deter deer and other unwanted wildlife
  • Use organic gardening practices like composting and landscaping without chemicals

May Is Garden for Wildlife Month

Garden for Wildlife Month isn’t just about digging into native landscaping. Nurseries, landscapers, and homeowners can get involved by educating themselves and their neighbors about the importance of gardening for wildlife.

  • Share pictures of your wildlife-friendly habitats on your personal or business Facebook page
  • Educate yourself about wildlife gardening and native plants
  • Plant a tree or a start community garden
  • Teach your friends and neighbors the importance of planting native plants and attracting pollinators

Help 3am Growers celebrate Garden for Wildlife Month. Call to learn more about buying native trees and shrubs in Alabama.


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