Making the Most of Your Magnolias

If you live in Alabama, Georgia, or Tennessee, you probably have a special affinity for Magnolia trees. These sweeping beauties embody the grace, simplicity, and hidden strength that make the South thrive. Alabama gardeners are savoring the fruits of their winter and spring gardening as Magnolia trees burst into bloom. Whether you’ve planted a Southern Magnolia, a Sweet Bay Magnolia, or you’re still choosing a Magnolia variety for your landscape, 3am Growers has the tree care tips to help your summer ornamentals bloom big.

Choose Your Magnolia Variety

pink magnolia blossomAll Magnolia trees have large, showy flowers with soft, elegant petals. Most varieties have broad, waxy leaves in a rich green color that offsets the deep brown of the trees sturdy limbs. Magnolia trees require little care, making them a favorite choice of expert gardeners and novice landscapers alike. Most Magnolia trees grow a canopy of 60 to 80 feet, but smaller, shrub-like Magnolias are available for smaller gardens. Most varieties of the Southern Magnolia tree grow well in loamy soil. The Sweet Bay Magnolia flourishes in wet soil. Both the Southern Magnolia and the Sweet Bay Magnolia grow best when planted in spring. When planting Magnolia trees in the summer, take care to keep the soil around the roots damp for several weeks as the plant establishes.

Blooming Ornamentals for Your Garden

3am Growers cultivates Sweet Bay and Southern Magnolia trees. Our Southern Magnolia varieties range from the cold hardy Braken’s Brown Beauty to the compact Little Gem Magnolia tree, which grows 15 to 20 feet high. Whichever ornamental tree variety suits the size and aesthetics of your garden, make sure to give Magnolia trees a wide berth. They flourish when given space to grow and whither when crowded in the landscape.

For help selecting an Alabama Magnolia tree, call 3am Growers.


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