Is Your Landscape Ready for Planting?

Autumn is just around the corner, bringing with it luscious fall color and beautiful treescapes. Early fall is an excellent time to plant trees. The warm days, cool nights, and regular rainfall help newly transplanted trees thrive. A key aspect of growing healthy trees is proper soil preparation. Before buying plants to revitalize the landscape, make sure your landscape can support them while they establish.

Soil Preparation

container gardenSoil condition is a major factor in determining the long term health of trees. Most trees need well-drained soil to establish. If your soil is compacted, loosen it with fall aeration. Supplement the soil with lime to increase the pH or sulfur to decrease the pH. Add a rich topsoil and fertilize thoroughly in early fall. Avoid fertilizing in late fall, which encourages growth into the dormant season and leads to severe shock in young trees. After planting trees, add mulch to lock moisture and nutrients into the soil.


Water is another key element in tree survival. Too little water means stunted tree growth, while too much leads to rot and disease. Newly transplanted trees require regular watering to establish properly. Prepare the grounds for trees and shrubs by assessing the way rainfall pools and drains in the soil. If a large portions of rainwater runs off into storm drains, dig trenches to redirect the water where you want it. If water puddles in the landscape, install drains to move water to less hydrated areas in the yard. For simple, easily manageable watering, install a sprinkler system with a built in timer.

Ready to plant? Check out our selection of healthy Alabama trees and prepare the soil according to the needs of each variety.

Soil Image from Flickr

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