Is There Enough Water Under the Tree?

With just a week left before Christmas, spirits at 3am Growers are bright. Our holiday evergreens are growing strong, our trees twinkle with Christmas lights, and presents are piling up. But across Alabama, Christmas trees are starting to look a little brown and faded. What’s the cure for dying Christmas greenery? A little faith (and some special Christmas tree care).

Christmas Tree Care Tips

  1. Buy a freshly cut tree from a nursery or tree farm. Many of the trees at holiday stores were cut weeks ago. They’ll drop needles before you ever get them through the door.
  2. Look for needles on the ground before purchasing your Christmas tree. More needles = more problems.
  3. Cut off the bottom of the trunk to ensure optimal water absorption. Sap often crusts on the bottom of the trunk, repelling water and increasing your chances of a droopy tree on Christmas Day.
  4. christmas tree with candlesA fresh tree can absorb up to a gallon of water per day. Don’t forget to top off your tree stand each morning.
  5. Arrange the tree away from heating vents, fireplaces, candles, and sunny windows. Basically, if it generates heat, it’ll dry out your tree. If you’re willing to break out the cozy slippers, dropping the temperature in your home will help your Christmas tree stay fresh.
  6. Recycle your tree after Christmas. You can shred the boughs into bark, use needles to make homemade holiday air fresheners, or use the wood to build bird houses for the backyard.

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