Incorporating Shrubs into the Landscape

Just like trees, shrubs filter pollutants from homes and cities, restore oxygen to the air, insulate homes from noise pollution and temperature fluctuation, and prevent soil erosion. But whereas trees grab the eye, creating a bold, flourishing point of visual impact, shrubs provide a subtle landscaping aesthetic.

The Landscaping Aesthetics of Shrubs

plant shrubs in the gardenWhile summer-flowering trees or sprawling perennial blooms may sound more fun to plant, shrubs are consistently one of the first plants landscapers install in new yards. Shrubs create dynamic spaces out of otherwise flat yards, balancing tall trees, obscuring hard lines of square houses, and adding diversity to the lush green of a well-watered lawn. The rich colors and textures of shrub foliage allows homeowners to break up the monotony of their yards without worrying about ruining the aesthetic of their landscape. Planting shrubbery offers privacy, allowing homeowners to create tasteful outdoor living spaces to entertain friends and family. Many shrubs sprout small blooms in the warmer months and bright, red berries in the winter, giving homes the perfect amount of visual interest regardless of the season.

Choosing Your Shrub Variety

As with any plant, the first step in choosing a shrub is determining the sunlight, irrigation, and soil pH of your yard. The lengthy Southern growing season allows warm-weather plants to flourish, but not all plants will flourish in all landscapes. Before you choose which shrub is right for your yard, decide whether its use will be purely aesthetic or contain a practical component. Thorny shrubs can deter lawn pests like deer or rabbits. Planting small conifers in place of shrubs guarantees an evergreen yard, reducing the work of maintaining your landscape. Although azaleas are a favorite of Southern gardens, they often wilt during transit, so 3am Growers does not currently offer them with our sturdier shrub varieties.

To learn more about our Alabama shrub varieties, call the horticulture professionals at our 3am Growers office.

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