How Trees Improve Our World

It’s no secret that we at 3am Growers love trees. After all, we’ve made them our livelihood. Trees and shrubs provide beauty, insulation, and air purification, among other benefits. They bring communities together, provide animal habitats, and keep the world growing strong. As we dig into spring, we’re reminded about the countless physical and emotional benefits of cultivating healthy trees. Why do we love growing trees? Here are just a few reasons.

Benefits of Growing Trees

  • treesNatural beauty. One of the first things people ask when planting trees is, “What will look best in my landscape?” Whether you’re planning a home landscape, business lot, or local park, trees add to the beauty of the land, increasing curb appeal and welcoming others to enjoy the view.
  • Property values. Planting trees is one of the easiest ways to improve curb appeal for homes and businesses. What good is that? Curb appeal doesn’t just mean a prettier view. Strategically planting trees and shrubs can increase property value by as much as 20%.
  • Energy efficiency. Trees aren’t just green because of their leaves. The shade, wind blocking, and ground temperature regulation that results from planting trees can dramatically reduce energy expenditure (and yes, that means a lower energy bill, too).
  • Environmental benefits. Trees aren’t just pretty to look at. They improve the world we live in simply by existing. Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, filter toxins out of the air, control erosion, and conserve water by helping lawns retain moisture. They also prevent water pollution, produce food, and provide habitats for local wildlife.
  • Community enrichment. Trees don’t just provide tangible benefits; they provide emotional benefits as well. A flourishing park can bring the community together, while a row of healthy trees in the backyard provide families a place to play. Studies show that access to nature improves the mental and emotional states of hospital patients, which improves their quality of life and may even help them heal more quickly.

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