How to Get Fantastic Fall Foliage

The calendar may still say “summer,” but the world proclaims the imminent arrival of autumn. Crisp fabric leaves and plastic pumpkins spill from home decor stores, the evening hours are growing cooler, and fall spice lattes are hot on our co workers’ desks each morning. Before long nature will heed the call of pumpkin bread and chai tea, displaying a beautiful array of reds, golds, and oranges on every tree. Luckily for fallscape lovers, autumn offers ideal conditions for planting new trees. And nothing beats the beauty and majesty of maple trees for fall color.

Planting Trees in Autumn

As the fall season cools, gardeners dig out the shovels and get planting. The cooler weather of fall encourages hearty root growth by redirecting nutrients from the stem and leaves to the plant’s root system. Trees planted in autumn need less frequent watering and fertilization than trees planting in the spring. Plant trees and shrubs at least six weeks before the first frost to ensure healthy growth come spring.

Maple Trees for Fall Color

maple tree leaves in autumnWhen it comes to fall foliage, the maple tree takes the crown. Every autumn maple trees burst into color with vivid red, burnt orange, and rich golden hues. Enhance your fall landscape by planting a row of bright, dense Autumn Blaze Maple Trees, famous for their distinctive fall shade of fiery orange-red. For softer fall color plant the Red Maple Tree, a sturdy maple tree that turns scarlet each autumn.

Transform your landscape with the vivid hues of fall foliage. Call 3am Growers to find the ideal shade tree to complement your Alabama landscape.

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