Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas!

christmas treeHere at 3am Growers, we see the blessings of God’s bounty every day. We take joy in our hardworking horticulturalists, getting to bring our dogs to work, and watching the splendor of nature growing and flourishing all around us. We can certainly appreciate a good Hetz Columnaris Juniper Christmas tree, but we know better than anyone that the people who help you trim it are more important than any evergreen could be. No matter what assortment of family, friends, and quirky neighbors graced your Christmas list this year, the spirit of giving and thanksgiving remind us of the true reason for the season: love.

God’s love surrounds us. It’s in the branches and roots and leaves that ornament our nursery. It’s in the smile of a child or the hug of a beloved friend. But most of all it’s in that first gift that we celebrate each December: the gift of God’s son. Because of Jesus we have acceptance, we have forgiveness, and we have an unsurpassable bounty of love in our lives. Cherish the gifts that matter this Christmas. Take joy in your family, your friends, and the life you’ve been given.

Merry Christmas from 3am Growers!

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