Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving - natureWe’re blessed to see the bounty of God’s creation every day. Whether we’re admiring a vibrant sunset, soft russet leaves, or the festive firs adorning our nursery, we’re constantly surrounded by abundant beauty. We get to watch His majesty as the richness of nature springs up around us as plants grow from spindly saplings to solid, majestic trees. The Thanksgiving season reminds us to take a step back and appreciate not just the unique pleasures in our lives, but also the daily blessings we tend to forget.

This Thanksgiving the 3am Growers team is thankful for friends and family, excellent food on the holiday table, and the invisible ways God orchestrates nature to enrich our lives. We hope you’re looking forward to a long weekend of opportunities to soak in the beauty, richness, and love in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving, Tallassee!


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