Grow Gorgeous Grass in the Shade of a Tree

Planting trees adds color, dimension, and texture to the landscape. It’s a long term solution to improving curb appeal and helping the environment. But many homeowners and business owners want ground cover, too. Growing grass under trees is tricky. Luckily the experts at 3am Growers nursery are here to help.

Challenges of Planting Grass under Trees

Louisiana plantationTrees and grass both improve the look of a landscape, add texture and color, and provide important environmental benefits like temperature regulation and detoxifying the air. However, trees and grass don’t always coexist peacefully. Most grasses need full sunlight to thrive, which is hard to come by under the shade of a mighty oak tree. Planting grass under trees also means the grass must compete for water and nutrients. Mowing too close to trees can damage tree roots, and mowing too short can severely damage grass growing at the base of a tree. But despite all these setbacks, it is possible to grow healthy grass beneath a tree.

How to Grow Grass Under Trees

  • Choose a shade-tolerant grass like fescue
  • Sow seeds (or plant sod) in early spring or fall
  • Water new grass daily
  • Prune the tree’s lower branches to allow more sunlight to filter through
  • Water and fertilize grass planted under trees more frequently than the rest of the lawn
  • If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to ask an expert!

At 3am Growers, we take pride in watching plants flourish. Purchase wholesale trees and shrubs from our plant nursery in Tallassee, AL.

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