Going for the Green

green leavesIf you’re passionate about conserving the beauty and benefits of our natural world, there’s no better way than planting trees. Trees replenish the bounty of the world around us, providing us with protection, health, and an excellent place to gather and create memories. Artful landscapers utilize trees to add classic elegance to residential homes, business complexes, and public parks. If you love beauty, community, and the earth under your feet, make tree planting your spring project.

Green for Green

Every day a new “green” product hits the market, sporting a hefty price tag and a promise to clean up the earth. But the best way to make a greener world is to make the world a little greener. Planting trees, shrubs, and other plants enriches and protects the environment. Here are 6 benefits of planting trees:

  1. Trees break down toxic chemicals and gasses, refreshing the environment and reducing pollution.
  2. The photosynthesis of trees releases oxygen, renewing the world’s supply of breathable air.
  3. Trees prevent soil erosion and water pollution by reducing the amount of water runoff during storms.
  4. Trees provide habitats for wildlife.
  5. Trees insulate and shade your home, limiting energy expenditure by reducing heating and cooling costs.
  6. Trees enhance your home aesthetic, providing privacy and reminding us of the beauty of the natural world.

Community Projects

Trees offer more than just ecological benefits: they improve the community, too. Trees provide a central location in parks and neighborhoods for friends and family to relax and catch up. Kids can practice climbing while their parents enjoy picnic lunches beneath the sweeping canopy. Behavioral scientists have proven the mental and emotional benefits of planting trees. Tree planting is also an excellent way to bring a community together. Planting a tree with your family, friends, or neighbors bonds you together as you diligently work to improve your home. Be a good steward of the earth and get to know your neighbors by planning a tree-planting day for your community.

Wondering which trees to plant? Call 3am Growers for expert landscaping and horticultural advice.

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