Get Your Trees Ready for Spring

Get Your Trees Ready for Spring

Most people aren’t thinking of tree care during the winter months, but that’s a huge mistake. There are lots of steps you can be taking to properly care for your trees and to get your trees ready for spring.

Japanese Cherry Trees with White FlowersHere are some tips and tricks to make sure your shade and ornamental trees look their best this spring:

    1. Consider a Fungicide – Depending on your climate and your moisture level, a fungicide might be required. Often fungicide is applied 2 weeks prior to blooming, so now is the time to consider a fungicide.
    2. Clear Debris – During the winter months, water and moisture can become trapped in the debris and fallen leaves around your trees. Make sure to clear away debris to help fight insects and fungus.
    3. Protect Trees from the Cold – We still have a little cold weather in store before things stay warm for spring. Cold injury to trees can occur around 32°F (0°C). Early warm weather in winter can make trees break their dormancy prematurely, which can cause trees to be even more susceptible to cold weather damage. If your trees show signs of cold injury, wait to ensure there are no signs of new growth before pruning them.

Make sure your nursery or garden center is well stocked for spring. Here at 3am Growers, we supply the Southeastern United States, DelMarVa, and the temperate coastal areas of New York and New England with all the premier shade trees, shrubs, and ornamental trees your customers will be looking for this spring. Sign up for our free ornamental tree and shrub catalog or call us at (800) 892-4326 for information about our plants.

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