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If you’re new to the area, new to the plant nursery business, or simply looking for a go-to wholesale nursery for trees and shrubs, we’re happy to have you. 3am Growers caters to the Southeastern United States, DelMarVa, New York, and New England supplying shade trees, shrubs, conifers, hollies, and other types of ornamental plants. Take a stroll through our landscape and get to know the team!

Faith-Based Family Business

blossoming tree against blue skyIn 1993 W. Guy Hood III and his wife Lauren, both architects by trade, started 3am Inc., a Tallahassee business offering a range of services including architecture, horticulture, landscaping, construction, and planning. Our name choice was the fruit of spiritual inspiration. As we continued along the path God laid out for us, we became increasingly specialized in horticulture. It quickly became our primary area of work, and 3am Growers wholesale plant nursery was born. Through many years of cheerful labor, faith, and devotion, our company has attracted a team of professionals who work together like family to grow plants of premium quality.

Alabama Trees and Shrubs

The city of Tallassee is located in Emerald Mountains on Tallapoosa River, surrounded by rich natural forests. Our subtropical climate has hot, humid summers and mild winters, providing good natural conditions for cultivating plants. Trees and shrubs aren’t simply beautiful; they can also create a more private landscape, act as a sound barrier to reduce noise pollution, provide a vital landscape for pets, clean the air, and help reduce soil erosion.

Our clients are invited to join the family. Stop by and observe the care we take in cultivating deciduous trees, shrubs, and wholesale ornamental plants. If you wanted to enrich your landscape or garden center with the finest Alabama trees and shrubs, visit 3am Growers, growing with care for more than twenty years.

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