Digging into the Season of Love

Love is in the air, reminding us to appreciate the people we’re blessed to have in our lives. It’s a season of heart-shaped boxes, bouquets of fresh flowers, and fancy dates at candlelit restaurants, but February 14th shouldn’t be all about flash. Make your loved one feel special this Valentine’s Day with a practical present that will shower them with joy for years to come.

A Valentine’s Day Gift That Lasts

  • tree pruning heartShow the love this Valentine’s Day by planting a tree in someone’s honor. It won’t just show you care this February 14th; each year the tree blooms is a reminder of your esteem. This is the perfect present for spouses, children, and dear friends. Plant your loved one’s favorite flowering tree or research the meanings behind stately Alabama shade trees. Add a plaque to announce your love to the world or keep it an intimate gift for two. The sky’s the limit this Valentine’s Day!
  • Nothing says “I love you” like crossing an item off your spouse’s to-do list. While we wouldn’t recommend skipping the chocolate, hard work is a great way to show you care. Clean out your husband’s work shed (just don’t toss anything without his say-so), trim the unruly hedges in the front yard, or plant that row of flowering trees your wife has wanted since last spring.
  • Looking for a gift that’s small and heartfelt? Create your own bird feeder and hang it by the kitchen window, make a homemade gift to add color to the garden, or dry flowers from the first shrub you planted together and arrange them in that blank spot in the entryway.

Want to make Valentine’s Day mean something? The best gift is spending time with the people you love. If you’re ready to tackle your next couple’s project, call 3am Growers. We have everything you need to make your backyard a romantic getaway for next season.

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