Design Your Landscape with Curb Appeal!

curb appealFolks will call just about any yard with a little bit of grass and a plant or two “landscaped.” But at 3am Growers in Tallassee, Alabama, we know a thing or two about planting your property for maximum curb appeal. Creating a beautiful outdoor space can change the way you feel about your home and the way others look at your it. Luckily there is a science to it, though.

Work With Your House

A lot of landscapers will try to bring in all kinds of crazy plant combinations to make a yard look fancy. However, the most important part of a well-landscaped yard starts with the house. Every yard is different and at 3am Growers, we take the time to walk you through different species that will work great with the canvas that your house gives you instead of trying to force trendy designs into the wrong space.

Aim the Focus

If you are landscaping to maximize your curb appeal, you should focus on trying to center your design on the path from the drive to your front door. This area draws the eye and will be the most seen aspect of your landscaping. Making your walk beautiful is half the battle, so definitely don’t skimp here.


Once you have a solid plan for your front walk, you’ll want to start thinking about how to fill out the rest of your front yard. Evergreens like hollies are great fillers because they keep your yard looking vibrant all year long. Creating mulched flower beds around trees is another great option.

No matter what you’re working with, though, our pros at 3am Growers can help you find the perfect complement of plant species to make your curb appeal pop!

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