Decorative Shrubs for Summer

With its long days, abundant rainfall, and warm, muggy nights, summer in the Southeast is a great time to plant and grow decorative shrubs. Shrubs thrive in this climate, and can add a lot of beauty, privacy, and comfort to your home landscaping. Turn your back or front yard into a beautiful oasis and enjoy the summer weather!

The right type of shrubs, when properly cared for, can act as beautiful privacy screens to create a special outdoor space for your family and guests. In addition to being pretty, decorative shrubs will reduce noise pollution in your yard, help circulate the air to keep it fresher, and trap dirt and dust from nearby construction, neighbors, sports fields, or just the wind. Some shrubs also attract birds and butterflies. Decorative shrubs are a great choice if you want to make your space truly feel like home. privacy fence with wooden door

3am Growers is about more than just landscaping. We are also professional landscape architects and designers with decades of experience in design, architecture, and horticulture. Together with our partner company Hood Architects LLC, creating attractive outdoor spaces with your comfort, privacy, and happiness in mind is one of our favorite things! With our expertise and your preferences, we can design a landscape that will make your back, front, or side yard into your family’s favorite place to congregate.

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