Create Colorful Landscapes with Japanese Maples

landscaping - Japanese maple treesJapanese Maples add grace and color to Alabama landscapes. Their low, sweeping branches, feathery foliage, and vivid hues add depth and visual interest to landscapes without overwhelming other trees and shrubs. Japanese Maple trees thrive in temperate climates, growing strong in the warmer months and flourishing in late fall. These bright, whimsical ornamental trees look stunning freshly planted. Japanese Maples prosper under fall pruning, making them a beloved plant variety for bonsai organic art. 3am Growers cultivates 3 varieties of the Japanese Maple tree.

Red Japanese Maple

Red Japanese Maples are perfect for offsetting crisp, white fences, lining pathways, or adding a pop of color to established landscapes. Colored crimson or burgundy in the fall and spring, this variety of Japanese Maple turns green in the summer, adding versatility to your yard. Prune carefully for a classic accent tree or prune selectively to add whimsical beauty to your home.

Green Japanese Maple

Although landscapers love the dramatic colors of many Japanese Maple trees, Green Japanese Maples offer a more subtle aesthetic. These Japanese Maples have the same dark, elegant limbs, graceful foliage, and airy canopy as their counterparts without the vivid red, orange, and purple tones of other ornamental varieties. If your garden is already overflowing with bright blooms, deep-hued shrubs, and colorful garden ornaments, consider planting the Green Japanese Maple instead of its more colorful counterparts.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

One of the most commonly planted Japanese Maple trees, the Bloodgood Japanese Maple displays rich burgundy leaves in the summer and dramatic crimson foliage in the fall. Nearly black bark offsets this tree’s brilliant plumage, giving the Bloodgood aesthetic appeal even during the winter. This wide-leaf variety grows best in damp, well-drained soil with partial shade. Buy the 6’ or 7’ variety from 3am Growers nursery. Fully grown Bloodgood Japanese Maple trees have a 20’ height and canopy breadth.

Want to learn more about which Japanese Maple is right for you? Call the experts at 3am Growers.

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