Celebrate Trees for Arbor Day

April isn’t only National Lawn Care Month. It also includes Arbor Day on Friday, April 27th. 3am Growers is celebrating the same way we always do: by providing and caring for the trees that do so much to benefit us and our world.

You don’t have to look far from your front door to see the benefits of trees. They provide shade to our homes and lawns, give a degree of privacy to our lives, and insulate our homes against the noise of the outside world. They also improve quality of life in two very different ways, by providing a peaceful spot to rest under, or an exciting place for adventurous souls to climb!

Trees provide benefits for more than just humans, of course. Wildlife like birds, squirrels, and beneficial insects find homes, food, and building materials in their branches. Trees minimize runoff into water sources like streams and rivers, thus decreasing water pollution, and help prevent erosion if planted thoughtfully. Each tree can absorb thousands of gallons of stormwater, helping protect your home from flooding!

Perhaps their most well-known environmental benefit is the improvement of air quality. Not only do trees recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen, but they store carbon in their trunks and branches, decreasing the impact of global climate change. Trees also impact the temperature–they can reduce temperatures up to 7 degrees.

Celebrate Arbor Day and beyond by making sure your customers have access to a rich selection of beautiful, high-quality shade trees like those at 3am Growers.

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