Celebrate Arbor Day!

Arbor Day is coming up! Are you ready to do your part? Arbor Day has been around for centuries. The first celebration occurred in 1872 as a special opportunity to plant trees of all kinds. Since that first observance, the holiday has spread through all 50 states. It’s an opportunity to plant trees, share knowledge, and encourage the conservation of our world.

Wholesale Trees at 3am Growers

3am Growers does our part to help sustain the environment. That includes celebrating Arbor Day! National Arbor Day always occurs on the last Friday in April, but Alabama has its own time to celebrate trees. Get serious about planting on both holidays. 3am Growers helps you plant trees by providing a variety of wholesale Alabama trees for purchase.

  • maple treeShade trees: Shade trees may beautify the landscape, but they’re chosen primarily for practicality. Shade trees reduce the amount of energy needed to cool homes and commercial buildings. They can also help regulate ground temperature, direct air circulation, and provide a cool place to rest in the lawn. We sell popular shade tree varieties like oak, elm, and maple, as well as other varieties.
  • Conifers: An excellent choice for screening, conifers are evergreen trees that add beauty and texture to the landscape. We sell cypress, juniper, and cedar conifers, among other varieties.
  • Ornamental trees: Ornamental trees are chosen for their beauty. Ornamentals add color, texture, and flowers to the landscape, which work together to create artistry, tranquility, and individuality in residential and commercial properties. Popular ornamentals in the South include magnolias, birch trees, cherry trees, and crape myrtles.

To learn more about how to celebrate Arbor Day, call 3am Growers in Tallassee.

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