Brighten the Winter Landscape with Container Gardens

colorful container gardenWe love the bright colors, stately branches, and soft green tones of Alabama trees and shrubs. Outdoor plants look beautiful year-round, whether they’re ornamental trees in full bloom or hearty shade trees with bare, elegant branches. But sometimes landscapers need a pop of color to spice up their winter gardens. Tide yourself over during the season of landscape maintenance with bright container gardens for the home and garden.

Plant Trees in Container Gardens

Most trees planted in container gardens will eventually need repotting, but many species thrive until they outgrow their containers. Create focal points on patios, in courtyards, and even in the house by planting saplings in large pots. Make sure your chosen container is large enough that the tree can grow and wide enough to insulate the roots. Always make sure your container provides adequate drainage before planting your tree. Good plants for container gardening include:

  • Hollies
  • Evergreens
  • Boxwood
  • Dwarf camillas

Container Gardening with Flowers and Herbs

If you want a container garden that takes minimal effort, plant flowers or herbs. Flowers are versatile, adding color to unlikely containers like old pots, mailboxes, bird baths, or teapots. Place them inside for easy care, or put container gardens with winter-hardy flowers outside for an extra burst of color.

For a container garden that’s functional as well as beautiful, plant herbs in indoor pots. Not only do they add color and fragrance to your home, herb container gardens will save you a trip to the grocery store the next time you need fresh basil, cilantro, rosemary, or mint.

Need advice on pruning winter trees, choosing plants for container gardens, or making over a spring landscape? Call 3am Growers plant nursery.

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